The Dawnhaven Chronicles

If you use Kindle Vella, I’ve posted the first 3 chapters of The Dawnhaven Chronicles, available to read for free!

I decided to put my paranormal/Gothic romance on Kindle Vella. It’s the kind of story that lends itself well to the serialized format, and allows me to explore a new style of writing. The Dawnhaven Chronicles is my homage to all the V.C. Andrews books I grew up loving, with a paranormal twist (and no incest!). You can read the first 3 chapters of any work on Vella for free, then buy tokens to keep reading. Think of it like a television show you read instead of watch! If you are into it, I’d love the support as I start building a reader base on the platform.

The Dawnhaven Chronicles: World-weary and nearly broke, Lily Young inherits her family’s sprawling Dawnhaven estate in the mountains of New Hampshire. But Dawnhaven is more than just a beautiful family home. It cradles ancient powers and hidden responsibilities. As Lily embraces her gifts, a world-altering battle looms, threatening to reshape their reality. Can she protect her family’s legacy and kindle romance with Dante, the enigmatic caretaker? Dive into the mystique of Dawnhaven in this Kindle Vella series.

Click HERE to start reading!

As always, thanks for the support!

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