Love Lost on Cloud 9 and the Never-Ending Encore

Ah, Goodreads, guardian of our literary past, where even the missteps of our earliest publishing days remain etched in digital stone. 


In 2009, curiosity got the better of me, and I unleashed an unfinished manuscript upon the world, titled “Love Lost on Cloud 9.” I was curious about this new way to publish your own work without needing oodles of money and a good print shop, and I couldn’t help myself from trying out the new technology, thinking it would help in the future when I was “ready for publishing for real.” I made a quick cover, filled out all the forms, and uploaded my document. Shortly afterward, I took it down from the Amazon store to keep working on it. Little did I know that Goodreads would embrace it with open arms, forever preserving the echoes of my impulsive foray into self-publishing. 

In the spirit of reinvention, I decided to don a pen name when I finally published my now “finished” novel in 2011, once again titled “Love Lost on Cloud 9.” I put “finished” in quotation marks because while I worked hard on the story, that was a time when I had young children and very little extra spending cash for things like developmental editors and proofreaders. With renewed hope, I ventured forth, believing that this fresh identity – Amanda Sharon was my pen name – would grant me a clean slate. But Goodreads, ever the diligent librarian, uncovered my secret and connected the dots, forever intertwining my pen name with my true self. In 2013, I unpublished both that title and my other novel, Beware of Love in Technicolor, to await a day when I could indeed afford the professional help the novels so desperately needed.

Fast forward to the present, where I embarked on a new literary endeavor, a reinvented version of Love Lost on Cloud 9. When I was finished, I hired the developmental editor I could finally afford. I tried a few new titles, like Rose of Sharon and Thrill Ride, but they never quite worked the way I wanted them to. With renewed passion and about 97% fresh content, I believed it was time to reclaim the power of that unforgettable title, Love Lost on Cloud 9. I hired a cover artist. I created and purchased print bookmarks, postcards, and more to give out to people. I sent advanced copies out to reviewers. What I did NOT do is read the fine print at Goodreads before deciding to reclaim my title, or changing my pen name (again, I know!) to K.C. Brote.

Little did I expect Goodreads to resurface my previous iterations, attaching them to my name once more. Each time I check my author page, or my book page, there it all is, mocking me with its unwavering presence. The ghosts of Love Lost on Cloud 9 continue to dance on the virtual stage of Goodreads, reminding me of my earlier literary escapades. I find solace in the realization that they are a testament to my growth and journey as a writer. Each iteration represents a stepping stone, a milestone in my pursuit of independent artistic expression. While they may evoke a sense of nostalgia and humility, they also serve as a reminder of how far I’ve come and the exciting possibilities that lie ahead. Goodreads, with its vast catalog and unwavering record-keeping, keeps my literary history alive, a vibrant tapestry of experiences waiting to inspire both myself and my readers. So, I embrace these specters of the past with a renewed sense of gratitude and an upbeat spirit, knowing that they are an integral part of my unique writer’s story.

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  1. Shelley Burbank

    Oh, the joys of technology. ALL our stuff is out there forever. But sounds like you are finding a way to frame it so you don’t feel a boiling mass of rage every time you get onto the platform. Maybe just a simmer?

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